Featured Events

Wednesday, November 16
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Shop & Shmooze
Ars schiattamoriendi. L'arte di schiattare dal ridere con la morte

Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 16


Bike Donation Drive

Sunday, October 16


Family Sukkot Celebration

Sunday, October 16


Pot Luck Dinner, Service and Study in the Sukkah

Tuesday, October 18


Ladies' Lunch and Learn in the Sukkah

Thursday, October 20


Men's Club Rap in the Sukkah

Saturday, October 22


Cereal in the Sukkah

Sunday, October 23

Simchat Torah Celebration





Monday, October 2


Yizkor followed by breakfast

Thursday, October 27


Kosher Cafe - Judaisms of the 21st Century

Sunday, October 30


Rabbi Wisnia's Bible Class

Dalle periferie un altro sguardo. Leggere il reale a partire dalla debolezza
- Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet

Sunday, October 30


Sisterhood Membership Brunch

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Welcome to Congregation Beth Chaim

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. When you visit Beth Chaim, we hope you will feel at home and participate in the varied religious and social programs that our congregation provides. Please feel free to call upon us, the officers and the staff of the Congregation should a need ever arise.

Rabbi WisniaIf you have not visited with us before, please call us in advance if you will be attending services or any of our programs. We will match you with a member who will meet you and help you feel welcome and part of our community.

We look forward to knowing you and your family on a deeper, more personal level, and to working together with you to make the ideals of Judaism a practical and influential part of your daily lives.

Rabbi Eric B. Wisnia

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